Transforming the way veterinarians share medical information for the benefit of pets and their people!

Quick Intro

VitusVet is an online sharing system for veterinary records that bolts onto your existing practice management software. Medically relevant portions of your records are securely and automatically copied to our cloud, which makes them easier to share with other veterinarians, boarding kennels and pet owners.

Pull the Team Together

VitusVet cloud storage ensures 2-way communication between
  • ER clinics
  • Specialists
  • Boarding Kennels
  • Insurance Companies
  • Pet Owners

Why VitusVet?

  • Bolts onto existing Practice Management software
  • Continuous access to records from multiple vets
  • Mobile app keeps your practice at your client’s fingertips
  • More appointments, more refills, more revenue
  • Happy pet owners showcase your care to their friends

Patient care for the OTHER 12 hours a day…

VitusVet sits on your server and automatically pulls a copy of ALL your patients' medically relevant data and displays it in one secure, mobile-ready spot….including SOAP notes, lab work, patient alerts, prescriptions, vaccine info AND digital images.

We eliminate the problem of after-hours communication and helps you be a better advocate for your patient AND your client when your practice is closed.. Your clients will LOVE you for it!!

Benefits to joining VitusVet

At VitusVet, we believe in the idea of "co-creation" with our users so that our software really makes a difference in their lives. We've talked with a lot of veterinarians and pet owners, and these are just a few of the benefits we've identified:

Better For Your Patients

Imagine having key medical information accessible to other providers.
Anytime. Anywhere.

Better For Your Clients

Imagine never having to fax/email a copy of a medical record or labwork ever again.

Better For Your Business

Imagine having behind-the-scenes technology that dramatically increases practice revenue.

Practice Better Medicine

Developed by Dr. Mark Olcott, an ER veterinarian, as a solution to the major problem of after-hours records inaccessibility. “At VitusVet, everything we do is about improving the health, safety, and welfare of pets.”


Keep your veterinary staff engaged!

With VitusVet, your staff is set free from shuffling paperwork and can spend their time doing follow-up calls and interacting with patients. The more time your staff spends with pet owners and patients, the more value you provide to them. With MUCH less hassle!

Increase Client Loyalty

Our app lets your clients showcase your hospital to their friends and neighbors. Turn your clients into ambassadors for your practice and earn their loyalty for years to come!


Goodbye To The Headache Of Faxing!

Pets are playing a more and more central role in the lives of our families. This change in society has funded some incredible advancements in veterinary medicine. So when it comes to sharing this information, why are we still stuck in the 1980's? Let us help you stop the faxing madness!

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